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BIcycle REPAIR service

Thank you for choosing the Bicycle Shop. Feel free to stop in anytime during our regular business hours with your bicycle and you will speak directly with a mechanic. Our estimates are free, and we can either prepare the estimate while you wait, or contact you later with the estimate, whichever you prefer, or time allows. 

Turnaround times may vary depending on the season.

If you have any additional questions regarding service, please email the address below, or call us here at the shop during regular business hours.

 Benjamin.Swab@Specialized.com          814-238-9422 

*Some models of e-bikes or scooters or other motorized devices may be ineligible for service here at the Bicycle Shop. If you are in need of service or assembly on internet-purchased e-bikes, scooters or other motorized devices, please call ahead to see if your bike qualifies for service. 
*At this time, we are no longer servicing e-bikes from the following brands: Ancheer, Super 73, Aventon, Rambo, Quietkat, Jetson, Jupiter, Hyper, Charger, Cheeta, MacWheel, Lectric, Jasion, and Huffy.

Repair Estimates Discussed in Person or via phone/email/text after a Qualified Service Writer examines the Bike

  • Turnaround time on repairs will vary depending on the season.
  • Completed repairs must be picked up within 10 business days after notification has been given.
  • Declined estimates, bicycles must be picked up within 10 business days.
  • Bicycles not picked up on time incur a $5/day storage fee. 
  • Bicycles stored longer than 60 days without communication will be sold or recycled.

Flat Fixes may visit at any Time 

Turn-around times may vary depending on available staff and customer traffic. We do our best to get these jobs done quickly so that flats do not impede your day.

Electric Motorized Bicycles & Scooters

We happily service all electric motorized bicycles sold through our shop. Electric bicycles and scooters not sold through are shop are serviced at our discretion. We always do our best to help our electric motorized customers in any way that we can, but we cannot offer service on electric batteries and motors not sold through our shop. We will not, under any circumstances, service gasoline powered moving objects of any kind.

*ATTENTION: Some models of e-bikes or scooters or other motorized devices may be ineligible for service here at the Bicycle Shop. If you are in need of service or assembly on internet-purchased e-bikes, please call ahead to see if your bike qualifies for service.

Bicycle repair base labor rate: $60 per hour

Tube/tire install
Labor does not include the tube or tire.
Brake or derailleur adjustments
We keep track of our time and charge accordingly. Brakes and derailleurs can vary greatly from bike to bike.
$10-20 / item
Wheel true
If the wheel needs tensioned or dished, it may cost a little more. If the job goes quickly, we charge less.
$15 / wheel
Spoke replacement
This fee covers up to two or three broken spokes. Additional charges may apply for more broken spokes, and a conversation about a new wheel may be more appropriate.
Tubeless setup
Includes labor, tape and sealant.
$25 / wheel
Tubeless refresh
Includes labor and sealant.
$11 / wheel
Hydraulic brake bleed
Additional charges may apply for oil if we have to flush several times.
$40 / brake
Hand built wheel
Includes spoke calculation and lifetime free truing for the wheel. All hand built wheels are checked with DT Swiss tensiometer. Additional charges apply for de-tensioning old wheels to reuse hubs or rims. We will rebuild on old rims but we will not guarantee results.
$70 / wheel
Box bike for shipping
Includes labor and packing materials to partially disassemble the bicycle and box it up for shipping as safely as possible.
$80 / bike
Assemble & tune new boxed bike or "new-to-you" pre-owned bike
We are more than happy to assemble and tune new boxed bikes or pre-owned bicycles that are new-to-you. If you purchased a new or used bicycle online or elsewhere, you are more than welcome to bring it in for a professional assembly and safety check.
$60 / hour
typically $90-120
Suspension fork lower service
Labor & oil only, seal kits additional. Additional services available.
Suspension rear shock air can service
Labor only, seal kits additional. Additional services available.

B I C Y C L E   T U N E - U P   P A C K A G E S

Qualifying bicycles are to be determined by the service writer only after the bicycle has been examined in our shop. Bicycles that do not qualify for a tune-up package are billed at our normal hourly rate. Tune-up packages include labor but do not include parts.

Basic Tune-up

Always includes but is not limited to the following:

  • check & adjust hubs, adding grease if necessary
  • true wheels & check overall spoke tension
  • check & align rear derailleur hanger
  • check/clean/lube/adjust shifting and braking front and rear
  • check/adjust all bearing surfaces
  • visual inspection and safety check
  • general check, clean and lubricate all systems as needed to ensure the bicycle is working as intended and behaves reliably for a reasonable length of time
  • labor for most installations is included in the tune-up price, such as: chains, cassettes, cables & housing, brake pads, tires & tubes. 
  • labor for hub overhauls, bottom bracket removal & re-installation or overhaul, brake bleeds, and suspension service incur additional labor charges
  • bicycle is test ridden to ensure performance

Advanced Tune-up
The advanced tune-up package includes everything listed above in the Basic tune-up, but also includes all new cables and housing for both the shifting and braking systems. 
  • price not only includes the cost for the cables & housing but also includes the additional labor associated with sizing and cutting new housing
  • will be necessary if you have corroded or rusty brake or shift cables, and housing in otherwise poor condition. When cables & housing are in poor condition, it is difficult to tune the bicycle and expect it to work well for any reasonable length of time
  • bicycles with full length cable housing will incur a slightly additional charge for housing. Bicycles with internal cable routing can sometimes incur an additional charge for labor

BMX or Single Speed Tune-up
Since these bicycles have no shifting systems, the cost of the basic tune up is reduced.

Check Bike Over
Usually recommended before a big ride, race, out of town cycling trips, or for bikes that are in reasonably decent condition but need some fine tuning. Installations for some parts would likely be included.