Shiv Sport

Shiv Sport


The Shiv was designed with one goal in mind—making you faster over the bike leg of your race. Of course, we wanted to do this without setting you back six months' rent. So, whether you're looking to go after your first triathlon or set a fresh PR, you can ride with the confidence that your Shiv is up to the task.

The Shiv Sport is built up with Shimano 105 components, and it's been topped off with durable, smooth-rolling DT R460 wheels and a Sitero Comp saddle.

Pro Tip: Use our Shiv Finder to determine the proper Shiv size for you.

  • A bike can only be as fast as its rider, which is why we developed the Control Tower fit system that let's you optimize your stack and reach numbers in order to find your most comfortable and powerful position for your desired length.
  • A full FACT 10r carbon fiber frame was developed in our very own Win Tunnel, and it's not only been aerodynamically optimized for straight-line speed, but it also features airfoils that have been optimized to limit side force in crosswinds.
  • The Fuselage Hydration System houses a water bladder inside of the frame, making it virtually invisible to the wind. And to go along with your water, the Fuelcell fits plenty of food and even has room for a flat kit. The best part of the Fuselage and Fuelcell combination is that, when packed correctly, it cleans up the frame and saves up to 75 seconds when compared to a taped-up system. For this model Shiv, the Fuelselage and Fuelcell are sold separately.


Red Tint / White W Gold Pearl $3,200


Stack 495 514 540 565 590
Reach 365 385 405 425 445
Head Tube Length 99 115 139 163 189
Head Tube Angle 70.25 71.5 72 72.5 72.5
BB Height 258 258 258 258 258
BB Drop 72 72 72 72 72
Trail 65 58 60 57 57
Fork Length, Full 367 367 367 367 367
Fork Rake/Offset 50 50 45 45 45
Front Center 574 590 609 632 659
Chainstay Length 395 395 395 395 395
Wheelbase 958 974 993 1016 1044
Top Tube Length, Horizontal 479 504 530 555 581
Bike Standover Height 752 772 797 822 847
Seat Tube Length 505 525 551 577 603
Seat Tube Angle 77 77 77 77 77
Crank Length 165mm 170mm 172.5mm 172.5mm 175mm
Handlebar Width 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm 410mm
Stem Length 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm 90mm
Saddle Width one sizemm one sizemm one sizemm one sizemm one sizemm
Seatpost Length 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm