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Diverge Str With Front and Rear Future Shock

Smoother is Faster

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Compliance Without Compromise

Suspend the Rider

For decades, we’ve been making riders more confident, comfortable, and fast over rough terrain because we know smoother is faster and the all-new Diverge STR sets a new benchmark.By suspending the rider—instead of the bike—with front and rear Future Shock technology we increase control and efficiency while decreasing fatigue, without the weight, sluggish pedal response, and inefficiency of other suspension systems.


Suspend the Rider

Front and Rear Future Shock Suspension

Absurdly Capable

47c Tire Clearance and Swat™ Storage

Light and Responsive

Rider First Engineered Fact 11r Rigid Carbon Frame

Front and Rear Future Shock

By suspending the rider with damped, tunable travel—20mm front/30mm rear—Future Shock Technology absorbs bump forces to boost your control and capability while retaining the efficiency and responsiveness of a rigid frame. Because as far as power transfer goes, it is a rigid frame. Power to the pedals makes the bike jump like a scared cat. You’re efficient, you’re comfortable, you’re in control. Your bike is light, nimble, and responsive.

Rear Future Shock

The new Diverge doesn’t just have gorgeous lines, it has perfect curves too. Rear Future Shock puts 30mm of rear travel in the ideal path to smooth out rough road. Its hydraulic damping controls travel to eliminate “bobbing”under power and ensure big hits never catapult you from the saddle, all without compromising fit or pedaling efficiency.

Fully tunable for rider weight, height, and riding style.

On-the-fly adjustability at your fingertips.

Rear triangle remains rigid for crisp power transfer. Dropper post compatible, with no drawbacks.

Rider First Engineered Compliance

Suspension Simplified

Three key components create the simple, set-it-and-forget-it, suspension of Rear Future Shock.The frame post acts as the spring, the damper controls the travel, and the tendon ties it all together. Most importantly, Rear Future Shock can be easily adjusted to ensure every rider,regardless of height, weight, or riding style, can get perfect suspension performance.


Born from decades of innovation and our Smoother is Faster philosophy, Future Shock was created to develop bikes that win on cobblestones, but it’s found its purest expression on gravel.It’s 20mm of adjustable, damped front travel that keeps you in control and on target, all while protecting your hands, arms, and shoulders from the battering.

Hydraulic damping to quickly and efficiently eat up rough road with no “bobbing”.

Reduces vibration at the saddle by over 20%.

The fork remains rigid for precise, nimble handling.

How Suspend the Rider Was Born


The problem was simple yet diabolically hard to solvehow to keep riders comfortable and in control on rough roads but retain the instant acceleration and direct handling a rigid frame is famous for. The solution was to Suspend the Rider.

Clearance, Swat™, Geometry

Absurd Capability

More capability means more confidence, more confidence means more rides, more rides mean more fun, and it all starts at the contact patch. Nothing unlocks capability like tire clearance, and we’re feeling generous. 47mm on a 700c wheel and 2.1” on 650B. Diverge STR is the most capable gravel bike we’ve ever made, so it’s the most fun. We did the math.


The internal SWAT™ compartment puts everything you need right where you need it, not in your pockets weighing you down.

Progressive Geometry

We tossed the status quo out the window to create progressive gravel geometry that amplifies the confidence that Future Shock Technology delivers.

Light and Responsive

Go Fast Everywhere

The S-Works Diverge STR Fact 11r carbon frame is more compliant than any drop bar bike we have ever made yet adds just 100 grams compared to the S-Works Diverge frame. Never have so few grams added so much capability. Climb it, race it, or load it down with bags and gear for the long haul—Diverge STR does it all faster and smoother without any excess baggage.

Gravel Goods

If There's One Thing Gravel Riders Like Talking About More Than Actually Riding, It's Gear. From Tires and Helmets to Shoes and Chamois, Gear Makes the Ride. So, Let's Talk Gravel Goods.


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